About Us

About Constructive and Co

……and so, after five years of sharing workshop space, problem solving each others projects

and spending lunchtimes chatting about how great it would be to work together, we finally took

the plunge and in the summer of 2010 Constructive and Co was born.

We are Sam Scott, Tim Greany and Dom Shanks, all cabinet makers who have built up our own

successful companies designing, making and installing our furniture. Having collaborated at various times

over the years, it became obvious that working together was the way forward.

We cover a full range of bespoke furniture projects from freestanding pieces and fitted storage to fully fitted kitchens.

 We have developed strong relationships with a number of trusted Architects, Designers,

Building Contractors, Plumbers and Electricians to help facilitate these projects.

We like to be set a challenge, and will always welcome collaborations with adventurous clients, designers and architects. 

We like it when we get the chance to broaden our horizons with new materials, shapes, ideas and applications,

but whatever your requirements, we’ll do our best to find the right solution for you.

Our workshop is located in Leyton in east London and clients are welcome to come and visit us to

discuss their projects and go through the processes involved.

Feel free to get in touch for more information.